Angela Louise McGurk

spends much of her free time writing, reading, drawing, designing, and trying to find a way of saving all the worlds in her head before they evaporate to some forgotten place never to be retrieved. As well as being a designer and writer, Angela is the mother to two fantastic children and wife to a husband who still hasn’t read her books! They live together with their pet cat, Princess Ainebel Softpaws McGurk, or Annie for short.

Angela grew up in a small Northumbrian pit village, and briefly lived and studied just down the road in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where the Vampire Cohorts series is set. Her hobbies including painting, kayaking, crochet, wood-carving, and cuddling the pet cat (because the kids are getting too big). She also enjoys all things sci-fi, fantasy, or vampire. And yes, her writing desk is decked out in Buffy and Star Wars items.  Prove you're a rebel, a brown coat, or a Scooby, and she'll be your friend for life.

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