Vampire Cohorts Series

Bite the Bullet: Vampire Cohorts Book One

Let me tell you what it was to be made vampire. It wasn’t birth. Birth implies pushing, tearing forth into the light, screaming. Becoming immortal was to be pulled, to be tugged irrevocably into darkness, and it was silent.

I should have fought, any person should fight, but my mind had been filled with a hazy calm which forbade any battle. Struggling had been the last thing on my mind, even when my bus arrived and my assailant waved it on, dismissing my last hope of escape.

 Yet my lack of rebellion was far from the most unsettling part of the stranger’s control over me. The truth was that the man could’ve asked anything of me and I would’ve complied, but he didn’t need to vocalise his request. I knew instinctively what he wanted. I sighed and surrendered myself as he held me against his front in a lover’s embrace, tipping my head and willingly giving him access to my throat.

“One day you’ll understand,” he whispered, his tone subdued. I’ve often wondered since if he was really talking to me. Perhaps he’d been talking to himself, persuading himself that one day I’d know and accept his reasons for what he’d planned for me.

I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. Because when my fangs came in, my world altered irrevocably. It became somewhere dark, somewhere filled with murder and blood, where magic was sinister and where even my closest ally seemed more like an enemy... Even if he did make my heart skip a beat.

Another Bite:Vampire Cohorts Book Two

Life as a Master vampire shouldn’t be so trying. With all my strength, all my power, navigating the night should’ve been a walk in a star-lit park. My problem? I’m not just a Master vampire. Instead, I am a reincarnation of someone much older, but my memories of that lifetime are beyond my reach. All I know for sure is that darkness and monsters lie in my past, and I fear that when my demons finally catch up with me, they will do far more damage than the scars which Viola left on both my skin and my psyche during my last misadventure.

How could I prepare to face the fang-baring beasts snapping at my heels when I couldn’t remember why they hunted me? How could I prepare when the one man most able to help me also believed he could only protect me through distance, through silence… Through ignoring the way my past-life was irrevocably bound to his own history, in a bond that had been enough to condemn me once already.

Conn knew more than he felt able to reveal, but could I blame him for that? Wasn’t I keeping secrets too? There were things - the ghosts of memories that I couldn’t quite grasp - that I couldn’t share with my Sire. I feared the truth would destroy him; crush him and rip the heart out of the Cohort in one fell swoop. I feared that my past would set us on a grim path, a road that would swallow whole the man whom I still couldn’t admit to loving.


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