Trigger Warnings

Angela Louise McGurk's writing deals with some dark themes and explores the affects of these themes on her characters. The reasons behind this are discussed in depth here, but below are the trigger warnings for each of her books.

Bite the Bullet's trigger warnings - sexual contact, explicit violence, death/murder, torture/captivity

Another Bite's trigger warnings - Consensual sex, explicit violence/torture/captivity, death/bereavement, sexual assault/rape, mental illness/suicide, miscarriage/still birth

Wolf Bitten's trigger warnings - Consensual sex, explicit violence, death/bereavement, sexual coercion/rape, mental illness, self harm

Bad Blood Trigger Warnings - Explicit Violence, Death/Murder, Torture/Captivity, Sexual Violence, Bereavement, Alcoholism, Police

Blood Feud: Vampire Cohorts Book Five, Trigger Warnings - Explicit violence/death/murder, Torture/captivity, Sexusl violence, Domestic abuse, PTSD/trauma/self harm, Alcohol, Consensual sex, Police

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